I Have Been Living in Bangalore

I got here about six or seven weeks ago and I have been getting used to it since. Of course it is a lot different from what I expected. I suppose that is largely because this is such a center of the technology sector in South Asia. I have been really fortunate in a lot of things. Obviously I am making a great deal of money and living in a place where money can go a very long way. I found a girlfriend by accident, what they call a desi girl here. That is what they call themselves here. From what I gather it just means local in one of the countless languages used in this land. The girl is a software engineer like me and a very good one. She wants to move to California and so I am sort of thinking that she is hoping that I will marry her and take her home when I go. That is not the worst idea in the world to be honest, but I can not really tell if I am being too cynical.

I have a really nice place to live which is about three and a half blocks from the office. Some way or another the apartment seems to have come with a middle aged woman who keeps the place sparkling clean. To be honest I have no clue who is paying her, but she shows up six days a week. When I wake up she has breakfast on the table. If I am late for supper she seems slightly perturbed, but I have real difficulty communicating with her. She speaks English, but not in the sense which I can really understand a high percentage of the words. Priya speaks her native language and the two of them seem to be joking about me all of the time.

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